Monday, November 3, 2008

Still Learning

I started a garden recently. I think it's part of a nesting urge...but I've totally been jonesing to grow my oen fruits, vegetables, and herbs. So, I bought a couple of seed packets and some Jiffy peat pots and decided to test the color of my thumbs. For the longest time they've been the blackest thumbs around. I could buy a perfectly healthy, full grown strawberry plant and kill it within a week.

It's not like I was doing it wrong either. I was following the watering directions. At least I think I was.

Anywhozle...this go around I have been adding compostable materials to the soil as I use them. It's not an actual composting process, but any little bit helps I'm thinking.

So far I've at least gotten them to sprout and my cilantro looks like it's almost useable!

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